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YogaPulse™ on the Road
By Anastasia

Changing time zones, long plane rides, and constant exhaustion – when we are on the road, we need YogaPulse™ more than ever. However, it's hard to find time for your practice while you are on the road. Follow these simple guidelines and they might make your YogaPulse™ practice more portable.

1. Stretch
Whenever you have a minute, do a few simple stretches. Rotate your head in large circles, while you are on the long train ride, releasing your neck muscles. Fall forward, placing your stomach on your thighs, or twist from side to side while on the plane.

2. Center yourself
Travel can make you restless and nervous. Take a moment each day to just be present. Dedicate a few minutes to doing nothing, to just reflecting and centering your mind. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing, feeling every inhalation and exhalation. Don't let your mind be absorbed in thoughts – just stay there quietly and breathe.

3. Breathe deeper
Air compression on the planes, stress and poor air quality may make your breathing shallower. Normally, we utilize only the top portion of our lungs, but for the oxygen supply to the brain to be more efficient, we need to breathe deeper. Concentrate on your breathing and begin to count your breaths, consciously slowing the breathing down. This will automatically slow your mind down.

4. Remember that according to ancient yogic texts overeating, unsteadiness and overexertion are not helpful for your practice, so try to establish an orderly and balanced routine even for when you are on the road.