Starting your day with a shower is a wonderful way of cleaning your physical body. Your energy also needs a cleanse when you wake up. There are many yogic techniques of breathing exercises, meditation and visualization to help you feel stronger, more clearheaded and more focused.

Today, we will learn a very simple, yet extremely effective one: the shower of loving energy. Shortly upon awakening, close your eyes and visualize yourself under a shower of loving warm energy, coming from the sky and hitting your body at the connection pulse zone level –right at the top of your head. This energy can be of any color. White is the most neutral one, gold is the color of spiritual wisdom, purple is the color of connection to the Higher Source. You can also experiment with bright colors, such as blue, which is there to give you peace, or red- the color of earthy vibrant energy.

 Imagine the energy going through your body, washing out all negativity and everything that no longer serves you. Imagine all negative thoughts, patterns, ideas being washed into the Earth. In turn, visualize the shower of energy giving you back the love and acceptance of the universe. Visualize this love filling every cell of your being, making you lighter


Repeat this exercise every morning and after every situation, which leaves a negative impact on you.